Privacy Policy


(a) Membership Data is collected from individuals who join the SARPA Inc, for the purpose of the SARPA’s accurate Record-keeping and Audit requirements, and to enable contact from SARPA to its Members. The Members’ Personal Information/Data will ONLY be generally accessible to the Executive or persons authorised in law.

(b) These details may be (but are not restricted to) Personal Information such as Name, Home/Mail Address, Age, Phone number, Email, Club Status (eg current, junior, family), SARPA Status (eg current, expiry) and Firearm Licence Status (eg current, expiry, categories). Such information will comply with the statutory obligations relating to member activities as provided by Law. SARPA uses your Personal Information for SARPA Record-Keeping purposes.

(c) The Personal Details will NOT (i) be sold to other organisations, nor (ii) be distributed to other organisations, except as required by legislation (current or future).

(d) Personal Data may be used for demographic purposed and related analysis of membership. If this occurs, the Data will NOT show ANY personally-identifiable information provided to other parties.

(e) Disclosure of Membership data/information may be permitted for the additional purpose of enabling such records to be corrected.

(f) Members have the right to access THEIR OWN personal information/data held by SDARPA subject to some exceptions permitted by law. A Member can request a copy of the personal information SARPA holds on them, in the form of a (redacted except for their own information) part of the relevant Database or Databases. In the event of a complaint about the way SARPA manages their personal information, if the complaint is not resolved, the complaint will be dealt with according to the Procedures as detailed in the Privacy (Private Sector) Regulations 2001 as amended.

(g) Nothing in this policy shall require Members or Officers to withhold information from a Legal Authority in so far as that Authority is acting in compliance with the law.